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From: Matt Jacobsen

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Well, every bit of this eBook is packed with themost up-to-date, cutting edge information on how to open a legal dispensary written by a current dispensary ownerand it took me several years to research, gather the data, refine it and compile it into this amazing new eBook. Ive used this process myself and repeated it several times. This system works whether you've just began looking into it or have been considering it for a while but not known exactly what to do.

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Lets be honest here...You could be spending countless hours doing research not knowing if you have complete information, gathering information that may not be current, wasting time and money talking to lawyers who wont give you the full scoop unless you spend several thousands incorporating through them, or be trying to interview reclusive dispensary owners who wont give away their secrets, and still wouldn't even get close to the amount of information that's jam packed into this eBook...

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This amazing bonus #3 is all about having the Bylaws that will need for your dispensary already done for you with a fill-in-the-blank template. All you need to do is fill in the name of your dispensary!

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"The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Dispensary"

"Finally had my business license approved..."

start a dispensary
"I would like to say how much this eBook has helped me learn how to take the correct steps in opening my dispensary. Before I really did any research, I originally thought opening a dispensary would be rather easy- but I had it it all wrong. I would read one thing somewhere and read something completely different somewhere else. Several weeks ago I finally admitted to myself I needed some help with this. I knew I could probably hire a lawyer but I didnt want to have to spend an inordinate amount of money. I just needed a guide that was complete and I knew I could do the rest. After getting Matt's eBook, I discovered why my business license kept getting denied by the city. I made a few minor changes to it and within a few days it was approved. Thank you Start-A-Dispensary, you literally made what Im doing possible."

- Ron Gabriel
   IE Medical Solutions

"Just needed 100% assurance I was being legally compliant..."

start a dispensary
"When I got the idea to open my own legal marijuana business, I didn't know the first thing about them othen than I knew it would be something Id like to do. In search of finding the pieces of the puzzle and trying to put them all together, I decided to go on google and find the best information I could. I stumbled across alot of half finished web sites and guides on how to start dispensaries. Trying to find any information I could, I finally stumbled across your site. I didn't have to look any further. Not only did I find the information I was looking for but there was also a forum portion of the site I could use. I began receiving E-mails from Matt giving me tips and facts about how to do this! He gave me the assurance I needed to know I was going to do anything illegal that might get me in trouble. The information I received was spot on, educational, and really useful! When I was ready to cultivate medicine for my collective, I also referred to your guide and thanks to your ebook, I'm happy to announce its has been over one year and my patients are very happy with their medicine :-) If I knew any one was trying to open their own dispensary and needed a complete guide on how to do it all, I would most definitely recommend this site to them. My patients and I would like to thank you for all of the information and helpful tips you have given us over the past year."

- Shelly Iverson
   Chronic Relief Collective

"Was no longer afraid to open up my own dispensary..."

start a dispensary
"Start-A-Dispensary really helped me to do what I really love. When I needed some information on how to specially apply the laws on opening my own dispensary, I went to google to find a site on a step by step guide on how to do it. This site was one of the first ones, but I went to seven or eight other sites before looking at this one. I really enjoyed getting the newsletter that gave me tips on how to get a dispensary opened up. I knew Matt knew what he was talking about, so I had confidence in getting his ebook. The most helpful thing for me was the section on state law where he broke everything down in his own words and made it really easy to see the big picture. I no longer feared all this federal reprisal in shutting down dispensaries that I once did. His ebook gave me the confidence founded on fact I needed. Thank you for your help!!"

-- Jim Reynolds
   Disabled Veterans Collective

"My City Loves Us!.."

start a dispensary
"I knew from the get go that getting the approval and green light from the city I wanted to open up my dispensary was going to be a challenge. It is a very conservative area and not only are the citizens conservative but especially the city leadership. How in the world was I going to get something like this to fly by them? I know others had tried before me and they were shut down before they even started. When I got Matt's ebook I finally understood why and learned how to present it to them. Once I applied what I learned, it was welcomed with open arms and now that Ive had it open for the past half year, they support what were doing 100%. We have a great partnership with the city and we're always helping each other. Im thinking about doing a second one now. Thank you for your awesome advice!!"

-- Mark Sigurt
   Compassionate Expressions

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Matt Jacobsen

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